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Volunteer Form

If you would like to volunteer to help with the Resilience 2018 festival, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you. The number of volunteering positions is limited and is held strictly for those that have already bought tickets to attend the festival.

    Privacy Statement

    The personal information on this form is being collected for the purposes of recruiting and selecting volunteers wishing to work at Resilience 2018. The information may also be required for evaluation purposes. Any evaluation reports developed will not identify individual volunteers by name.

    Please read and agree to all the Volunteer terms and conditions before submitting your application! Our requirements are that you:

    • Commit to and complete your rostered shifts and agreed volunteer hours before, during or after the festival.
    • That you are 14 years or older at the festival.
    • Are reliable.
    • Arrive on time.
    • Carry out the duties allocated to you.
    • Work safely and adhere to the safety principles of the festival.
    • Work positively as part of a loyal team of volunteers.
    • Ask for help if it is needed.
    • Remain calm and cheerful under pressure.
    • Must not use, possess or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at any time while volunteering.
    • Must not verbally harass or abuse any person or use foul language.
    • Immediately notify Volunteer Manager / Area Coordinator if you are unable to attend any shift.
    • Respect confidentiality.
    • Uphold the standards and values of the festival.
    • Complete a Volunteer Induction.

    By completing this application, you indicate that you have read and understood all of the Ticketing Terms and Conditions and Entry Terms and Conditions found at

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